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Social networks are increasingly being used by organisation’s to enhance collaboration both internally and externally. Internal benefits include: increased access to expertise and resources; swifter innovation, more effective leadership, increased staff moral. External benefits include enhanced relationships with clients / customers, building trust and immersion, to more easily connecting. Additionally, social networks can be a great way to connect two or more different groups of customers and users to sellers and partners . This post will talk about social media strategies for a business and how it will benefit the organisation.

When it comes to social networking, businesses need a strategy if they wish to succeed in promoting events. Social networking is a very large online interaction based system, as Facebook by itself as over 800 million active users. Business can’t just jump into creating an account they need a strategy before hand. I have come up with a simple strategy for businesses to follow to help them introduce themselves to social networks.

  • Key strategies for using a social network

Create a goal or a reason for using social networks.There is not point in creating account on social networking sites if there is not reason behind it, and if you don’t have a goal how can you start something without knowing what you want to complete. Using the Brisbane Airport as an example, their use of  twitter and  Facebook is to keep followers and travelers updated on all thing related to Brisbane airport

Attract people who are interested in what the business is doing.This may seem hard but it is achievable , Brisbane airport have  created a link on their website that can direct users to  their  Facebook page and  twitter page.  New suggestion would be more advertisements on tv, billboards and posters around Brisbane would attract many people.

Keep the community up-to-date.There is no point receiving out dated information. People want to be kept in the loop receiving information as quickly as they can. So keeping the social networking page up to date is a must to task, keep your followers informed on what is happening at the Brisbane Airport.

Accept negative opinions.There is always people out in the world that are going to have negative opinions about certain matters. Businesses need to accept these and deal with them, it always shows that people are really interested in your business if they are willing to post on your social networking site, problems that they have encountered. Accepting negative comments can lead to areas of improvement.

Get people involved.Getting people involved in what you are doing might be as easy as creating a conversation and then asking for people opinions on the matter. People don’t always like to read some really like to get involved with what is going on.In this case Brisbane airports use of  use of twitter can lead to trending conversations

Continue with posting.Sticking with it is the most important step in creating a successful social networking strategy. It may be hard to continue with the social networking site but people will continue to read the information as long as it is interesting to them. So keep the posts interesting and keep people up-to-date.

Brisbane Airpot currently use use social networks in this case  twitter pageFacebook page and Pinterest, A suggestion that i would like to make is that they should create a YouTube channel so which shows videos of the daily tasks of different types of employees that work at the airport which can provide interests to people who may want to work at the airport. Even posting a cool video that took place in the airport can go viral as history tells us viral videos go viral fast.


Brisbane Airport website

Bribane airport twitter page

Bribane airport  Facebook page

Bribane airport  Pinterest


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Wiki strategy

Corporate / Enterprise wiki’s are increasingly being used by organisation’s to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing.The reason why it is being used will be discussed below first of all What is a wiki?  this can be explained in the video below but here is a quick summary, it is a web site that allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content which includes adding text, link to other pages, creating new pages and anybody else can do the same and/or undo whatever anybody else has done.Wikis are powered by wiki software which allows for collaboratively editing.

Why use wiki’s?

Wiki’s provides an online collaborative way to share information which allows users to collaborate online with an easy simple system to share information. Everyone has the ability to say something in a wiki that is able to be seen and commented on. Popular wikis can include Wikipedia and Wikia these wikis provide pages and pages of information on about everything in the world which can even go back to early civilization years.

 To have a good wiki is to have a good strategy such as providing a good work online  environment which allows contributions from people with very different backgrounds and perspectives, collaborating, generating content over time. All the contributors need to be  incentivized to be cooperative and helpful so that the wiki will be a level of excellent quality, high level of discourse, self governing.

 Why use for business?

Wiki’s allow businesses to post a information on a wiki that everyone is able to view, that way no one can miss a memo or say they didn’t get it as everyone has received it. This can help the Brisbane Airport, by allowing providing travelers and employees with information they need or would like to know but also allowing them to have their say online that everyone can read.

Wikis in business can provide :

•Project Management
•Tech support
•Research and development
•Event planning
•Reference material
•Customer relationship management
•Collaborative document production
•Collaboration with external parties
This all shows that Wiki’s are a great system to use in a environment where collaboration is the mean of sharing information also which the use of blogging and micro blogging in this case Brisbane airport can successfully implement wikis which can provide an online environment by following in the footsteps of there current use of micro blogging such as their use of a  thier twitter pageFacebook page and Pinterest.

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