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When it comes to writing blogs for personal or business you don’t just want to rush into it. The important thing about blogging  is what you have to say and how you say it meaning readers need to find your content interesting and useful while also enjoying your writing style. In addition, blogging is about creating and maintaining a presence in one or more social spaces in order to achieve some goal or strategy.  This post will discuss my blogging and micro blogging strategy and Brisbane Airport, introducing any new strategies they can adopt to there current organisation.

My strategy to produce a successful blog which will play a part to my  personal web 2.0 strategy to brand myself in the online community. Blogs are successful because they show a persons point of view on a topic and others can comment  sharing their views too, therefore creating a online environment. What my blogging  strategy is to create a online environment which will enable me to share my point of views on online applications in relation to Enterprise 2.0 which can lead to others commenting and sharing there thoughts on the same topic. One main strategy is to advertise my blog, since there are plenty of social media outlets that you can advertise on.This blog is designed for just that purpose due to the fact it is an assessment item for a unit at university which revolves around Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0, where these blogs will discuss these categories and how they are useful on the online community. How i create weekly posts all comes down to the topics i have chosen for the post that week relying on the right information and any other useful tools which can help me make the appearance of the post more engaging e.g.hot text, videos, pictures and external links. I want it to be easy to read and understand for all readers who may or may not know about web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.As for micro blogging, in this case would be Twitter and Facebook, as it is the main purpose of spreading the word of my blog post to get comments on my published work. The main strategy is to try and stay consistent posting updates on new posts to be able to maintain an online audience.

Blogging and micro- blogging for Brisbane airport may be a different strategy due to the different objectives as for a personal blogger. Since they are a business they have a reputation to protect. Currently BNE (Brisbane airport) use of blogging is not seen but mirco-blogging is present with the use of a twitter pageFacebook page and Pinterest which is like a photo blog, this  allows them to keep travelers updated.If BNE decide to create a blog first off, they need to decide what they want the  company to organisation to blog about about. It should be something that you think people outside the company are going to find interesting and are going to keep them interested in for future blogs.They should make sure that they choose the right personnel to complete the job, they don’t want someone that hasn’t had any experience with blogs to do it, and they also don’t want someone boring to do it, other wise people may look at the first blog but then never return to read the second. Since BNE are currently using micro blogging via twitter they may want to adopt into blogging since it allows more information to be presented as for twitter there is a amount of characters limit per post.

In the end blogs can help businesses bring in new clients, expand their company or even gather new ideas on what they can do next. But they can also effect a business negatively if the blog isn’t doing the correct job. So it is insisted the you make sure that you always check what your blogger has written before it is posted to the WORD WIDE WEB.


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In businesses are taking a new steps to introduce social media into your businesses for a day to day use. this may of not been done by many businesses maybe because they are unsure on how to use it, are too lazy to introduce it or maybe they just think that it would be a waste resources and time. The main question is, in the end will it benefit your company? In the majority of businesses that do adopt social media it I believe that it has helped them in the long run. Even though it may not seem like it is helping the business at the start but it gives a new way to inform customers on new information , and a new means  to leave feedback.

An example i will use to discuss the adaptation of social media is  Brisbane Roar Football Club, in the past few years  they have evolved in the forms of social media. The Brisbane Roar, want to build a successful business as a club and team, to do this they need the support of their fans. Doing this they got their fans involved, in creating and redesigning the club. Using social media platforms such as  Twitter account , Facebook account , forums and Youtube channel. These social media tools have provided a online fan base which have leaded to more people attending there home games  which has been a problem with the A-League since it is still growing as a competition.

With this franchise’s adaptation of social media  has led them to evaluate how they can improve the club, boost crowd numbers and improve the satisfaction levels of fans. Youtube has given the fans an opportunity to get to know the players, as the Roar have posted a “Getting to know you” videos  that have enabled fans to ask the players some questions. Twitter has enabled the Roar to communicate with its fans on games that have not been broadcasted to the public but to also tells followers of what the clubs up to and where they can be seen. There are forums that  have enabled fans to tell the Roar what they think of the club and just lately have enabled the club fans to engage in designing and choosing the new jerseys for the team to wear.

Brisbane’s Roars adaption of social media have created a growing fan base which have led them to the 2011 and 2012 grand final win making them the first and currently only club to win back to back A-League Championships , the growing amount of fans was a type of motivation to show the fans they are a good side capping off a 36 match unbeaten streak including the 2011 unbeaten season.The main advantage of Brisbane roars adoption of social media was the increasing amount of fans around Queensland even around Australia . These are just some examples on how the club has expanded and evolved their fans and followers interest in the club. This is able to be done for almost all businesses as adopting social media there can be limitless possibilities when it comes to bringing social media into a businesses everyday uses.


 Brisbane Roar Website

Brisbane’s Roar Twitter account ,

Brisbane’s Roar Facebook account

Brisbane’s Roar forum

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